Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone had the opportunity to live their life as their authentic selves? How much more beauty would fill the earth? Can you just imagine the vibrancy that every second would hold?

These vintage button-head people are my challenge to the observer to look inside, find your inner vibrancy, turn it inside out and shine. The world needs you, exactly who and where you are. No more hiding or conforming. Put your person somewhere that will be a daily reminder to be true to yourself. Or give a button person to a special friend to help them remember how amazing they are.

Vintage buttons, gouache, and beads combine to create these beautiful people. The frames have been purchased second-hand and given new life. They have minor imperfections, just another way to remind you that perfection is a myth and flaws are beautiful.

Art is 3 x 5 in.
Frame measures 5 x 7 in.; 5 x 9.5 in. with the hanger

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